You've Never Experienced
Live Music Like This Before

Attend a high-octane show at our 18+ outdoor concert venue in Skowhegan, ME

Noise ordinances and strict security can kill the vibe at other outdoor concert venues, but shows at Get er Done Raceway Concerts and Camping aren't limited by those things. Our live music venue is situated on private property and surrounded by farmland in Skowhegan, ME.

You're welcome to enjoy our ATV trails and camp overnight after the show. Feel free to bring:

  • Your pup, but they must stay in your trailer or be on a leash
  • Friends under 18, but they must be accompanied by an adult
  • Anything you need to relax and have fun, but enjoy those things responsibly

Our ticket prices won't bust your budget. Visit the Upcoming Shows page now to plan an affordable trip to our outdoor concert venue.